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Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre

McArton Road, Ottawa, Ontario
Embark on a profound journey of compassion and innovation with the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre project. This visionary endeavour is a one-story animal hospital that redefines avian care. Nestled on a collective vision encompasses state-of-the-art care tailored to elevate care standards and amplify release rates for our cherished wild birds.
6709 sq.ft
17+ Acres

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Your support ensures our feathered friends' well-being and nurtures a deeper connection between humans and the avian world. To donate and be part of this transformative journey, click here.

Orleans Residential and Medical Facility

Collaboration with Pierre Tabet Architecte Inc
Welcome to a new era of integrated living at the Orleans Residential and Medical Facility, redefining convenience and well-being. This 5-storey mixed-use building features underground car parking and a ground-floor pharmacy and medical clinic for seamless accessibility. This project epitomizes aspiration and collaboration, a creative union with Pierre Tabet Architecte Inc. that blends innovation and expertise.
32095 sq.ft
Floor Area

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Le Palais Libanais

A Collaboration with Pierre Tabet Architecte Inc
Where flavours and architecture unite, we rewrite the culinary narrative through a transformative journey of Renovation and Addition. Embracing creativity of shapes and a unique atmosphere to compose an architectural symphony that resonates with the past and future and redfin the intersection of Boulevard Greber and Boulevard de la Gappe in Gatineau.
3659 sq.ft
2 Story
1 Million Project

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