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Rockcliffe Heritage House

Collaboration through ADAD Inc.
Aldu Architects Inc. is proud to be part of the effort to conserve Ottawa heritage and Rockcliffe community spirit with the remarkable Iraqi Embassy Heritage House Conservation project on Lansdowne Road. An embodiment of history and harmony, this 1964 one-story bungalow with a basement stretching across 10,930.0 sq. ft. is undergoing a meticulous restoration, blending the essence of yesteryears with contemporary comfort in the heart of Ottawa.
2532 sq.ft
Per Unit
2 Million Project

Your Heritage Awaits

Stay tuned for the unveiling of this remarkable revival. Contact us to explore how you can be a part of preserving heritage and embracing residential comfort.

CANCI Homes Apartment

Urban Evolution at Bell St, Ottawa
Canci Homes Apartment Addition at Bell St, Ottawa isn't just about building additions; it's about creating a vibrant community where modernity harmonizes with the essence of the neighbourhood.
11850 sq.ft
36202 sq.ft
With Addition
This building consists of 4 stories with underground parking available. An additional 26 residential units will be added to the existing 15 units. The building addition will reflect the modern architecture and be in harmony with the existing traditional building. The project is designed to fit in with the character and charm of the mature neighbourhood.
Feature image

Semi-Detached Duplex

Redefined Living at Kemptville
The new Semi-Detached Duplex Building at Kemptville is about crafting spaces where life unfolds seamlessly and contemporary comfort meets thoughtful design and brings profit to its private investors.
4954 sq.ft

Project Highlights

This property features a semi-detached living concept, including a secondary dwelling unit through a walk-out basement ready to rent by independent side entrance. The total property area is 4,954.20 sq. ft., providing ample space for your dreams to come to life. This property has unique permits that embrace densification, allowing for the manifestation of this vision through minor variances.

Mer Bleue Planned Unit Development Project

Collaboration with Pierre Tabet Architecte Inc
Within this visionary project, we blend imagination and precision to craft buildings and thriving communities. The project will add 30 residential apartments with independent entrances for each unit.
Per Building
30 Units
Stay connected for the unfolding of this architectural narrative. Reach out to explore how you can partake in this endeavor that bridges innovation and collaboration. Your journey into a new era of urban living begins here.