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The Distillery Artist in Residence

Collaboration with Pierre Tabet Architecte Inc and Kalad’art construction
The Distillery Artist in Residence in Notre Dame, Hawkesbury, ON, this industrial project introduces a new era of creativity, offering a one-storey factory building as a canvas for artists to flourish in its first phase. This facility is where imagination knows no limits, inviting artists to shape architectural brilliance.
15994 sq.ft

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Collaboration With Pierre Tabet Architecte Inc and BBL Construction.
Step into the realm of industrial innovation with the remarkable CUISI-N-ART Factory project. It is nestled at Chemin Industrial in Gatineau, QC. The design boasts a dynamic one-storey factory building with a mezzanine meticulously crafted to inspire efficiency. With dimensions spanning a generous 47376 sq. ft, it provides ample room for creativity to thrive.
47376 sq.ft
33ft Tall

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