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UNESCO Al-Nouri Mosque

Collaboration through ADAD Inc.
The reconstruction of the Al-Nouri complex historical site, part of Mosul's fabric and history, will be a landmark in advancing the war-torn city's reconciliation and social cohesion.
The design philosophy is based on the integration and dialogue with Al Mousel's rich cultural heritage to revive its spirit. The design concept is articulated around creating a vibrant built environment that respects the human scale and uses local materials to sculpt buildings' forms that establish a balance between traditions and modernity. The design approach focuses on creating qualities of urban spaces that provide a pleasant spatial experience for complex visitors.
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Rehabilitation And Development Of Historical Seaports

Collaboration through ADAD Inc and HCC Inc.
The project is located along the Red Sea Coast with an average width of 1 km on the north side of several natural inlets. The project highlights the perspectives for the sustainable development of Seaports' historical core and directs the Saudi Commission and National Heritage's future development policies.
The proposed approach is based on the historic Urban fabric, which allows the integration between the historic Souq and the waterfront and the reuse of some of the existing structures to accommodate new related tourist functions and increase tourist destinations to these historical seaports for locations in Saudi Arabia.
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AlUla Geotechnical and Conservation Study

Collaboration through ADAD Inc and HCC Inc.
The project's main objective is to provide comprehensive architectural and engineering evaluations of the current hydrological, geological, and geotechnical nature of the site and an in-depth evaluation and recommendation to support the conservation efforts. The study's findings will be essential background for the AlUla Old Town restoration proposals.
The study will help in different stages of conservation and future development of adequate core infrastructure, yet compatible with the heritage of AlUla Old Town in Saudi Arabia.