Conceptual Phase: Nurturing Historical Legacy

In this phase, Aldu Architects Inc. collaborates with clients to establish groundwork for preserving historical and heritage properties. We offers a range of services, including site assessment, program development, site and zoning analysis, design concept, and 3D modeling.

Planning Phase: Honoring Heritage with Precision

During the planning phase, we refine the vision and navigate regulatory requirements for your Rehabilitation and Conservation project. Aldu Architects Inc. provides the following services: Conservation Strategies, Design Development, Zoning Review Applications, Variance and zoning Change, Consultant Coordination, and Building Permit Applications.

Implementation Phase: Breathing Life into History

In the implementation phase, Aldu Architects Inc. brings your historical property to life while preserving its essence. We offer Construction Phases, Construction Documents, Bidding and Specifications, Site Review During Construction, and Shop Drawing Approval.